Why Medical Cannabis for Severe Pain?

Alternative to pain pills and other harmful pain medications.

“Cannabis has been used as an analgesic for at least 5,000 years, and patients often report significant pain relief from cannabis, even in cases where conventional pain therapies have failed. Research has even shown that the natural endocannabinoid system has a role in regulating migraines.” (Chronic Pain and Medical Cannabis, Americans For Safe Access)

Are you suffering from chronic pain?

Physician David Casarett was tired of hearing hype and half-truths around medical marijuana, so he put on his skeptic's hat and investigated on his own. He comes back with a fascinating report on what we know and what we don't -- and what mainstream medicine could learn from the modern medical marijuana dispensary.


Medical marijuana may be an alternative to powerful opioid painkillers that result in thousands of overdose deaths and are highly addictive. If you’re considering, or using, opiods for pain relief – why not give cannabis a try? Studies show medical cannabis to be an effective treatment for severe pain with less harmful side effects.